Protecting steel, extending lifespans

Shop_Photos_088.jpgZinc is the best defender of steel against rust, the metal’s lifelong adversary.  Commonly specified by electronics, automotive, water works, construction, and on-shore fastener industries, Zinc protects steel by providing a physical barrier as well as cathodic protection for the underlying steel.  Zinc metal is deposited onto the surface of the base metal through an electrolytic process.

The power of Zinc plating 

platings_zinc.jpgZinc offers a myriad of benefits, including, good corrosion resistance, formability, aesthetics, high strength, lightweight, and relatively low cost.  It is an investment that lasts, as the zinc-plating process can lengthen the average lifespan of steel products by sacrificing itself in order to reduce the effects of corrosion on the steel products. 

Southwestern Plating offers barrel, rack, automated, and manual Zinc plating for customers around the world.