Precision Plating

Superior Production Capability and Flexibility

For more than 65 years, Southwestern Plating has served a large and diverse customer base.

By tailoring our production facility to the needs of our customers, we have the capability and flexibility to manage large and small volume production runs.  Whether it is high volume or modest amounts, we can effectively handle an assortment of merchandise sizes and shapes, as well as expedited schedules. 

Comprehensive services to meet your exact needs and specifications 

To address a range of customer needs, we offer rack, barrel, manual, and automated plating lines.  What’s more, our chart-recording ovens are calibrated regularly and add extra assurance for certification requirements.  Southwestern Plating is also capable of plating to any specification that your situation necessitates.  This includes the increasing demand for WEEE and RoHS compliance, which restricts the use of six substances within the electrical and electronic equipment (EEE) market.

Commercial Zinc Electroplating – Southwestern Plating offers Zinc electroplating with a minimum .0002” thickness (Fe/Zn 5)

Commercial Cadmium Electroplating – Southwestern Plating offers Cadmium electroplating with a minimum .0002” thickness (Fe/Cd 5)