Chromate Conversion

Shop_Photos121.jpgOften called a chemical film, chromate conversion treatments provide excellent corrosion resistance. In many paint or adhesive applications, chromate is used as a base for superior bonding. In the chromate conversion process, the surface metal reacts with chromium compounds and becomes a component of the chemical film that is produced.  This reaction creates a soft, gel-like film that hardens over time and becomes more resistant to abrasion and handling. 

platings_chromate.jpgChromate films improve corrosion resistance, enhance decorative appearance, and increase adhesion of paint, lacquer, and other organic finishes. In addition, chromate coatings have the ability to self-heal small imperfections, rubs or scratches. Chromate coatings vary in color from bright yellows to dark browns. Darker coatings typically are slightly thicker and offer better corrosion protection. 

Southwestern Plating is proud to offer Trivalent Chromates for our worldwide customer base and provide different colors of Hexavalent and Trivalent Chromates.