Following only the highest standards 

At Southwestern Plating, we recommend using ASTM F1941 when determining the proper application, performance, and dimensional requirements for electrodeposited coatings on threaded fasteners. This is not only the standard specification for electrodeposited coatings on threaded fasteners, but by specifying B633 or B766 instead of F1941, your material may be subjected to unnecessary stress relief or hydrogen embrittlement relief requirements.

To meet our customers’ needs, we offer Zinc electroplating with a minimum .0002” thickness (Fe/Zn 5) and Cadmium electroplating with a minimum .0002” thickness (Fe/Cd 5).

Hydrogen Embrittlement Relief

ASTM F1941 recommends hydrogen embrittlement relief baking for fasteners of 40 HRC or above.  Fasteners are to be baked within 4 hours after electroplating at temperatures of 350°F to 450°F.  There is no specified baking duration for fasteners but 2 to 24 hours may be considered typical depending on the fasteners and processes involved. Fasteners with a specified maximum hardness of 34 HRC and below have a very low susceptibility to hydrogen embrittlement according to ASTM F1941 and do not require baking.  It is in the customers’ best interest that he/she specifies the exact time and temperature necessary for their parts.

For more details on Electroplating Fasteners and ordering information, download our Fasteners Spec Sheet.