Industries Served

Working across industries and across continents

From Oil & Gas corporations to Petrochemical companies, Water & Wastewater businesses and a host of other vital industries, customers on every continent look to Southwestern Plating for coating and plating expertise backed by unparalleled service.

In the field of energy, our expertise has been put to work for: 

  • Natural gas exploration in the Mediterranean Sea and in Australia
  • Deepwater petroleum and oil projects off the coast of Nigeria and the coasts of Trinidad and Tobago
  • On-shore and off-shore programs in the extreme sub-Arctic region of Russia, arid deserts of Western Australia, tropical zones of Brazil and  the world's highest tides of Nova Scotia
  • Off-shore development in the North Sea  
  • Subsea pipeline and platform development off the coasts of Angola, South Africa and North Africa 
  • Projects in the high temperature environments of Iraq, Saudi Arabia and throughout the Middle East
  • Pipelines across the Canadian countryside 
  • Pipeline production in Alaska
  • Liquefied natural gas in Papua New Guinea
  • Numerous projects in the Gulf of Mexico and mainland USA

Meeting Water and Wastewater Needs for Towns, Cities and States

We have worked on water and wastewater projects for towns, cities and states.  More specifically, our products have been used in redeveloping the water systems of city parks, wastewater projects for states on the West Coast, water treatment facilities across the United States and many other notable assignments.