Salt corrosion protection and UV resistance 

The SermaGard® line of sacrificial metallic/ceramic and non-sacrificial barrier coatings are designed for high temperature and corrosion critical applications. The SermaGard 1105/1280 coating system is in use in major offshore drilling, chemical and petrochemical facilities in the United States and worldwide. This aluminum-filled basecoat/resin-bonded fluoropolymer topcoat system is designed to provide outstanding salt corrosion protection and UV resistance for fasteners and components exposed to offshore atmospheric and subsea environments. The system meets the Shell Deepwater Supplement 40 Specification and Cooper Cameron Specification X-027127-01.

SermaGard 1105 

SermaGard 1105 is a ceramic-metallic composite coating that provides protection to metal against harsh environmental and chemical conditions.  This high performance ceramic coating resists corrosion, oxidation, and offers good wear properties.  It withstands temperatures of up to 1200°F and provides thousands of hours of salt spray protection.  The thin-film cermet contains dispersed aluminum particles and provides unique protective properties even at low thickness applications.  1105 provides protection from corrosion and oxidation for almost all types of materials. 

SermaGard 1280 

SermaGard 1280 is a silver metallic resin bonded fluorocarbon coating designed for application over SermaGard basecoat or Zinc electroplating pretreatment.  Considered a topcoat, or sealer, 1280 extends corrosion protection in moist and high salt environments.  This topcoat can be applied over SermaGard aluminum basecoat for offshore applications requiring outstanding salt corrosion protection and UV resistance.  This composite coating has a peak operating temperature of up to 450°F and meets several automotive, oil, and gas specifications.

SermaGard® coatings are offered to our customers by Southwestern Plating through a materials license with Praxair Surface Technologies.  Southwestern Plating is an Approved Applicator of SermaGard products.