Protection and lubrication for performance that lasts

sw-plating-cadmium.jpgUsed for providing sacrificial corrosion protection for steels and superior lubricity for threaded applications, Cadmium is an ideal solution for moving parts. Its capacity to lubricate and ability to prevent galling between sliding surfaces make Cadmium an excellent choice for aerospace, military, nuclear, and off-shore oil and gas industries. 

Delivering a host of advantages

Cadmium offers a multitude of advantages, including excellent corrosion resistance, low coefficient of friction, low electrical resistivity, good soldering characteristics, good formability, and consistent reliable performance.  It is also readily solderable with nonacid fluxes, has good electrical conductivity and, when corroded, forms thinner and less harmful corrosion products than Zinc does.

To meet your specific needs, Southwestern Plating offers quality performance barrel, rack, automated, and manual Cadmium plating.